Stability during the whole life! It´s time to get better!

Take a look at the pants. You can see how unstable the exercise is and you can imagine how many deep muscles you are trained. Even your stomach and your back will be trained with this balance coach.


5 till 15 minutes are enough to improve your capability and your movement.


Every running athlete (soccer, american football, basketball, baseball, etc.) should train only the weak leg to prevent injuries and to improve his variability.


Older people train both legs and injured people train there injured leg only.


You will be fascinated. Try it!

Our motto, „become stable," contains an enormous number of messages in just two words.


Last year I came into contact with the topic of "stability" for the first time on a rehabilitation. I quickly discovered, due to an excellent therapist, that my superficial muscles have little effect on the enormously important stability in the body. I therefore call stability the foundation.


Regardless of how old we are, what profession we pursue or how ambitious we are as athletes. Without a strong foundation, sooner or later we will reach our limits. These limits are then usually expressed by back pain, mal positions, headaches, tension up to intervertebral disc damage, cruciate ligament tears or fractures.


Professional athletes know how important this foundation is and therefore constantly train stability.


People like me aged 40 and over in particular should regularly devote themselves to their own foundations.


My goal was to develop a sports equipment that allows me to use anywhere, that meets the quality requirements of most people, is easy to use and at the same time is infinitely adjustable. My impetus was the Slackline, but without the risks that a Slackline entails.


So I worked with an excellent team of therapists, craftsmen and athletes across several prototypes until we developed the Joyblance.


But that alone was not enough for me.


Social engagement and local closeness. That's why all woodwork is made in collaboration with people who have a handicap. All parts of the Joyblance are made in in the surrounding area of the company.


I pursue this goal worldwide! As soon as a market retrieves a larger number of Joyblance, we will produce the Joyblance at a fair price and in the same good quality.


Now back to our message: "Become stable."


Physiotherapists and professional athletes immediately recognized the added value of the Joyblance during the numerous tests and carried out their own exercises on it.


Much more I was surprised that 10 to 20-year-olds could barely balance on the Joyblance. Although we used a wide band with full support. People at 40 and older, we found that about 1/3 are sporty and can already perform exercises on the Joyblance, while the other group had to focus on balancing. 


However, we are able to solve this problem, because the stability in the body can be rebuilt with the Joyblance and, above all, further expanded!



That's why I competed to make my contribution to a healthier and more stable life possible, physically and psychologically.

Our goals are . . . 


- to minimize the risk of injuries


- to improve the variability of athletes 


to mobilize injured people faster


- to improve older peoples coordination and stability


All this with a simple and easy handling balance coach, for less money and with german precision. Not enough, our woodwork is done by disabled people.


Start your mobilization today! You will see the first results in less than 14 days.